Art Conservatory for Teens

Visiting Artist Series

The Arts Conservatory For Teens mission is to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of youth and teens. Since the organization’s inception, it has been our focus to offer the best inspiring experiences for our students. One of the ways we create a fun and exciting learning experience for our students is through our Visiting Artists Series.

ACT’s Visiting Artists Series features local and world-renown creative leaders in the arts, entertainment, entrepreneurship, education, and business. Our students experience world-class training and engagement with some of the most talented creators of the millennium.

Our Visiting Artists Series is designed to inspire the best of our students to pursue their highest potential through the coaching of our visiting artists and sharing their life stories.

Our Visiting Artists

John Legend 
 Grammy and Academy Award-winning singer-songwriter
Chester Gregory
Broadway Actor, Singer, and Songwriter
Dr. Hellen Pruitt-Wallace
Poet and Author
Frank Morsani
Business Leader and Philanthropist
Alonzo Harris 
Professor at Berklee College of Music
Anthony Murphy
‘Genie’ in the Aladdin on Broadway

Involvement Opportunities

Celebrity Meet and Greet

A Celebrity Meet and Greet provides an opportunity for students of ACT to meet highly regarded and accomplished artists (performers, visual, producers, actors, directors) in various disciplines and genres from around the globe. Generally, this opportunity is granted to the students when an artist is coming into town or a city near ACT Corporate location in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our team arranges a time and place for the artist or entertainer to meet ACT students and take photo opts with the group of students.

Length of Engagement: The meet and greet typically last 15 minutes at a location that is convenient for the artist.

Number of Students: ACT team arranges the number of students based on the location and the time allotted for meet and greet. When there is a limit to the number of people for the meet and greet, ACT chooses students based on career interest.

Half- Day Workshop

A Half-Day Workshop provides an opportunity for a group of ACT students to be coached by the artist as well as learn from the artist’s professional experience. A Half-Day Workshop may include, a lecture and one-on-one clinic.

Length of Engagement: 4 to 6 hours with the students in a classroom setting (studio or theater).

Number of Students: 20 to 30 students.

Master Class

The Master Class provides an opportunity for our students of ACT to hear the stories of successful musicians, authors, entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders from around the globe. Our Master Class guests, offer 45-60 minutes of their time in an intimate setting for 50 to 500 students, depending on the topic being discussed.

Length of Engagement: 45 to 60 minutes, which includes a 15 minute, pre-screened Q & A.

Number of Students: 50 to 500 depending on the arrangement (discussion and setting).

Full Day Intensive

A full-day or one-week  Intensive provides an opportunity for a group of ACT students to be coached by the artist as well as learn from the artist’s professional experiences. The intensive may include, a lecture, one-on-one clinic, and brief showcase at the end of the day or week.

Length of Engagement: 6 to 8 hours per day, including lunch and necessary breaks.

Number of Students: 20 to 30 students

Live Webinar Video

A Live Video Webinar provides an opportunity for ACT students to be coached by the artist as well as learn from the artist’s professional experiences through a virtual intimate conversation. The video webinar is an up close conversation with the artist and students via skype.

Length of Engagement: 30 to 45 minutes.

Number of Students: 50 + students in classroom setting.