ACT’s professional instructors offer progressive, experiential learning opportunities for students at all levels of creative development. We are a place to take risks, be bold, experiment, and embrace curiosity. Students are encouraged to construct meaningful responses, collaborate, and to think critically by engaging with innovative artists and arts-workers while discovering the artistic process.

Dr. Alex Harris

CEO and Co-Founder

Herbert Murphy, MBA

President and Co-Founder

Louisa Pastorius

TAM Manager

Gaston Hughes

TET Manager

Linsey Basset

Visual Arts Instructor

Keina Stewart

Dance Instructor

William Bobcock

Dance Instructor

Neal Stoll

DJ Instructor

Lexy Ford

Video Instructor

Nicole Messina


Gianna Pergamo

Visual Arts Instructor

Hannah Barrens

Drama Instructor

Dan Brockner

Workforce Coordinator

Frank Minton

TET Coordinator
Bobby Musengwa
Game Coding

Rachel Weirich

Admin. Assistant

Gordon Bonnet

CE Instructor

Vanessa Watson

Drama Instructor